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 Shri Shesh Narayan

Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay

 अथ ध्यानं 

शान्ताकारं    भुजगशयनं     पध्नाभं     सुरेशं 
विश्वधारं     गगनसद्र्षं      मेघवर्णं    सुभागं I
लक्ष्मिकान्तं कमलनयनं योगिभिर्ध्यानगम्यं
वन्दे  विष्णुं   भवभयहरं   सर्व   लोकैकनाथं II
Shri Shesh Narayan with Laxmiji, Saptarishi, Nav Nidhi, Asht Sidhhi having Shankh, Padhma, Chakra, in hands gives "Param Moks" & divine peace to soul to Devotees.

Chandod is one of the most holy pilgrimage and sacred town in the Gujarat state in India. Chandod is situated at the bank of River Narmada and is located around 55 km away from Vadodara city and around 21 km away from Dabhoi. In Chandod majority temles are of Lord Shiva but, one of them is of Vaishnav Sampraday Temple is Shri Shesh Narayan Temple, which is well known for its ancient history.Today this temple becomes a great place to get divine soul peace for Vaishnavjan of Gujarat.Chandod is becoming famous tourism place for the people from Gujarat and across india to take holy bath in River Narmada on special occasions of Hindu Festival.

                                                Jay Shri Sheshshai 


Darshan Timings* of Shri Sheshnarayan Temple Chandod

Morning Timings                            Evening Timings

Mangla Aarti           : At 7:00 am        Open                       : At 4:30 pm

Keshar Snan & Aarti : At 7:30 am        Utthapan Aarti          : At 6:00 pm

Shringar & Aarti       : At 9:00 am       Shayan Bhog & Aarti  : At 7:00 pm

Rajbhog & Aarti       : At 10:30 am      Closed                    : At 7:30 pm

Closed                   : At 12:00 am 


Location: Chandod,Tal:Dabhoi, Dist.Vadodara                  State: Gujarat. 


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